“Mitsuki Salad”

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A new world of salad cake.
Sugar-free & Gluten-free salads using traditional Japanese ingredients.

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Breathtaking sophisticated design, fascinating new style of “Vegetable Salad”Originated by Japanese Sugar-free & Gluten-free food expert


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“Mitsuki Salad” can make people fascinatedand happy as a special dish.

(Inroduced by CNN as “VegedecoSalad®”in Japanese)


What is Mitsuki Salad?

“Mitsuki Salad” is a beautiful salad decorated like a fancy cake, and made from various vegetables and traditional Japanese food stuff. “Mitsuki Salad” is a quite new product, which was created in 2015. It was spread by Japanese media, then it has been introduced by foreign mass media. For example, CNN interviewed about it in 2017. Many people have come to the official café in Japan from all over the world to enjoy Mitsuki Salad.


“Mitsuki Salad is fully made from vegetables”
Sugar-free & Gluten-free
(Vegan type is also available)

Natural ingredients

No chemical oriented stuff or ingredients
Using pigment with natural color made from Vegetables ONLY


A beautiful design that makes use of the colors and characteristics of vegetables attracts people all over the world.


Fresh Vegetables

Soy Flour/ Rice Flour





Mitsuki is eager to spread original recipe of “Mitsuki Salad” so that people all over the world can enjoy this beautiful and healthy salad

You can add New attractive salad menu under the brand name of “Mistuki Salad”

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